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Tax Free Benefit Up to 1200€ / year

The taxation practice for Bike Benefit Bicycles has changed from January 2021 onwards and can be now used as a tax-free benefit up to 1,200 euros per year. When acquiring a Bike Benefit with a leasing contract, the bike package can therefore cost a total of 4,800 euros spread over four years.

The bicycle benefit works in the same way as other fringe benefits – the use of the benefit is paid as a taxable value, which can be added to or deducted from the salary. If an employee uses a Bike Benefit Bicycle, they receive part of their salary as a tax-free benefit. The amount depends on the bike chosen by the employee and their tax rate.

If an employee chooses a bike that costs 100€ per month as part of their salary, 100€ of the salary is practically tax-free earned income. The remaining net earnings are reduced by less than €100, because the tax free amount is deducted from the employee’s Gross salary and therefore they receive less taxable income.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected all of the most important information about the Bike Benefit here, so you don’t have to look for it! Just click on the question and you will get the answer to your question right away!

Why offer Bike Benefit to employees?

There are several advantages for the company in offering an employee bicycle benefit. Here we have gathered some of the benefits that the benefit brings to the company.

1. A employee who exercises more feels better and produces better results.

2. Bike Benefit is an affordable and effective way to engage employees in your company.

3. With a Bike Benefit, it is possible to reduce the costs caused by sick day absences

4. Bike Benefit is a tangible and affordable way to participate in sustainability efforts.

5. With a Bike Benefit, you can strengthen the company's image and increase attractiveness as an employer.

6. Bike Benefit also works as a cost-effective reward system.

7. Biking is the fastest way to move around the city, which means that work matters can also be handled efficiently.

8. Reducing even a few parking spaces can bring significant savings to your company.

9. Electric bikes can inspire even non-exercising employees to move.

Pioneering and courage in matters of responsibility and sustainability are often rewarded with positive, organic visibility in the media and social media, which is a big win in terms of reputation building and development.

Why should you support the employee bicycle benefit?

People who exercise 2-3 times a week have an average of 4.5 fewer sick days per year than those who exercise no more than once a week.

The price of one sick day is 351 euros on average for the company.

By supporting the benefit, you ensure that your employees take advantage of the benefit more widely, thereby reducing sick days and saving money.

Why choose Bikelink?

Bikelink connects the manufacturer, importer and sales chain together. Bikelink offers the easiest and cheapest solution for high-quality Bike Benefit bicycles.

What are your leasing contract lengths?

We can offer leasing contracts between 12 and 60 months. The taxable value is always fixed at €100, so that you get the full value of the tax benefit.

How do I purchase my Bike Benefit Bicycle?

Once you have created a Bikelink profile and your benefit permissions have been approved, you can get your Bike Benefit bicycle! You can get your bike from Ebike Brothers stores, by phone or by email. If you have more special needs for your bike, we recommend that you contact Bikelink's experts first, and we'll see what we can do! Bikelink has several bike experts whose job it is to find the right bike for you from a wide selection. You can reach the experts via phone at 010 3400 229 or by email at

If my employment contract ends, do I have to redeem my bike?

The employee can claim the bike for themself according to the residual value of the bike at that time. Alternatively, you can return the bike to the Ebike Brothers store by paying 25% of the purchase price of the bike. (For Gold and Platinum customers, the deductible for the return is fixed fee of €300)

Is it worthwile to make by bicycle order together with Bikelink experts?

We always recommend turning to our experts, because they know the bicycle markets well and know how to guide you in finding the right kind of bike. Whether you're already a skilled bike enthusiast or a new beginner, the experts will find the right model for you using Bikelink's network of over 1000 different bikes!

Are Bike Benefit Bicycles Insured?

All our leasing contracts include insurance for the bicycles. The insurance deductible is €150.

How is the Bike Benefit Taxable Value Calculated

The value of the bicycle benefit is determined according to the fair value principle. If you acquire a Bike Benefit Bicycle with a leasing contract, the value of the bicycle benefit is considered to be the cost incurred by the employer, i.e. the leasing fee. If you own a Bike Benefit bicycle, the taxable value consists of the price of the purchase and the capital costs. Maintenance service costs can also be included.

Which Accessories are part of the Bike Benefit?

The following equipment can be included in the bike benefit:

- Lights
- Fenders
- Lock
- Helmet
- Studded/Winter tires
- Pedals
- Bike Bell
- Cargo rack
- Saddle
- Kickstand
- Handlebar (if the driving position needs to be changed)
- Handlebar Stems (if the driving position needs to be changed)

How does the Bike Benefit affect my income tax?

If an employee chooses a bike that costs 100€ per month as part of their salary, 100€ of the salary is practically tax-free earned income. The remaining net earnings are reduced by less than €100, because the Bike Benefit amount is deducted from the employee's Gross salary.

For example, with a tax rate of 29.7%, the bike benefit valued at 100€ will actually cost around 50€ per month. Since the employee's taxable annual income decreases, their tax rate also decreases.

Can Trade Entepreneus (Toiminimiyrittäjä) acquire a Bike Benefit bicycle?

Unfortunately, Trade Entepreneurs (Toiminimiyrittäjä) can't use the Bike Benefit under the current tax regulations.

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