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Bike Benefit for Employees

A Bike Benefit Bicycle is a benefit offered by the employer to the employee. The tax value of the bicycle benefit can be deducted from the employee’s salary, or the employer can offer it to the employee on top of the salary as a whole or partially. Your savings depend on your tax rate and the acquisition support provided by your employer. You can choose any bike from the Ebike Brothers selection as your Bike Benefit Bicycle.

Stay Healthy

Cycling promotes your health and is a great way to maintain basic fitness. A light bike trip is also an excellent way to start your working day in a cheerful way!

Have Fun

Have fun alone or together, your new bike can also be used during your free time! In other words, go on a trip, enjoy the trails, or cycle to a picnic and add enjoyment to your free time!

Save 30-50%

Save up to 30-50% on the price of the bike thanks to the new tax benefit! If the employer supports the acquisition, the savings are even greater!

Our most popular brands for Bike Benefit

We offer several high-quality bike brands under one roof with a full service package! We cooperate with Tunturi Oy, which is a subsidiary of Europe’s largest bicycle manufacturer Accell Group. Thanks to our cooperation, we have been able to guarantee our customers good availability of bicycles even during uncertain times!

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