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Bike Benefit Service Without Monthly Fees

We do not charge monthly fees from the employer, we guarantee bike delivery and we have simplified our service process. With these three steps, we are able to offer companies of all sizes the most reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective Bike Benefit Bicycle service in the country.

Everyone can get quality bike they are looking for, from us. We manage the our bike availability with an intelligent portal and therefore make your everyday life easier. We have different service packages where we offer an expert call service, Cancellation Coverage for bikes (to use when employee contracts end), maintenance contracts and test drive days. We also help in marketing the benefit to employees, so that as many as possible take advantage of the great benefit.

Less Sick Days

When employees move around on bicycles, it is proven to reduce, on average, 2-4 days of sick leave per year. One day of sick leave costs the employer on average €351!

Spark Community Spirit

Offering company bikes to employees is a good way to increase community spirit at the workplace. Supporting the benefit often also starts new joint hobbies among the employees.

Employee Savings

The employee saves up to 30-50% on the price of their new bike thanks to the tax benefit! If your company supports the acquisition, the savings are even greater!

Reward Your Employees

The Bike Benefit is a cost-effective and great way to reward your valuable employees! If you provide your employees our Bike Benefit service, they will already save 30-50% of their bike purchase price. By supporting the acquisition, employees can save 50-100% depending on the amount of support.

Example: €15 support per month increases the employee’s savings from the purchase price of the bike, up to 60%!

Ps. You don’t pay salary side costs of the support your provide to the benefit.

Best Brands on the Market

We offer several high-quality bike brands under one roof with a full service package! We cooperate with Tunturi Oy, which is a subsidiary of Europe’s largest bicycle manufacturer Accell Group. Thanks to our cooperation, we have been able to guarantee our customers good availability of bicycles even during uncertain times!

Bike Benefit Service Starter Packages

We offer 3 different types of starter packages. We do not charge the employer other management- or office fees. If you want to reward your employees and offer them our best services, you can support the employee’s benefit financially or choose our Gold or Platinum package.


  • Opening of Bikelink Account
  • Opening of Financing Accounts
  • Guidance on how to use Benefit Portal
  • Automatic Payroll Reports
  • Insurance with a 150€ deductible
  • Cancellation Coverage 25% of bike price


  • Everything in Basic Package
  • Call Service (max. 50 users)
  • Access to Webinar Recording
  • Brochures for Internal Marketing


  • Everything in Gold Package
  • Call Service (Unlimited)
  • Customized Live Webinar
  • Customized Marketing Brochures
  • Test Ride Days
  • Support for Launching The Benefit

If our selection is not enough

Our bicycle experts will help you find the most suitable bicycle for your employee, from anywhere in Europe.

The employee can choose the brand and model of the bike they want together with our experts. After that, Bikelink searches for the selected bike in Finland or from the comprehensive European bike market with more than 10 years of experience and connections.

All of our Bike Benefit Bikes are assembled, checked and equipped in Finland, this confirms that all warranty and maintenance services operate safely.

Most Popular Brands

Bikelink Plus

Expand Your Service Package
90 /kk
  • Unlimited Bike Selection
  • Bike Search Service (Finland + Europe)
  • Our Bike Experts at your Service
  • Guaranteed Product Quality
  • Quality Service with Over 10 Years of Experience!

Easy to use Portal

Manage all company's Bike Benefit contracts from one place easily and effortlessly. We offer the fastest and easiest way to approve the benefit in a secure way.

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Book a presentation from us, and we'll show you how you can save time in managing employee benefits.
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Maintenance service is an important part of owning a bicycle

Did you know?

From us you can get Finland's best maintenance service for your Employees bikes, always with 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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Cancellation Coverage

All of our Service Packages include Cancellation Coverage.


Deductible in Basic Package is 25% of Bicycle Purchase Price. In other packages the deductible is a fixed 300€ fee.
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Payroll Reporting

Once a month we'll provide a list of all new Bike Benefit contracts collectively in .pdf and .csv formats. All reports can be customized.

Easy Payroll!

Adding Bike Benefit information for Payroll is extremely easy! All new contracts always start at the 1st day of the month.
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Quick Startup Process

After signing a Service Contract with us, bike deliveries can start as fast the next day!

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Let's work together to find the most suitable service package for your company needs.
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